Saint John High School Student Representative Council Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Saint John High School Students' Representative Council.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the organization shall be:

1. To organize and promote the general activities of the school and to encourage the participation of the entire student body in those activities.

2. To develop in the student, a growing appreciation of membership in a democracy by providing educational responsibilities and the privilege of participation in such a democracy in the school.

3. To promote, in all ways, the best interest of the school, and to give the entire student body indirect representation in the determination of this "best interest".

4. To promote co-operation among the students themselves and between the students and the faculty.

5. To co-ordinate all fundraising activities within the student body and oversee the distribution of such funds to the student body. (see ARTICLE XI)


Article III: Membership

1. Chamber members - the elected representatives (ten) from each classroom with the right to one vote.

2. Special members - any student of the school has the right to take part in discussion.

3. Honourary members - the local Superintendent of Schools, the Principal of Saint John High School, and the Faculty Advisor(s), with no right to vote.

4. Executive members - the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grade Nine Vice President, Grade 10 Vice President and Grade 11 Vice President with the right to vote, and the President with no right to vote unless in the case of a tie.

5. Substitute members - in the event of the absence of one or both of the elected representatives in a particular classroom, other members of that room may be appointed to attend that meeting, on the condition that the elected representatives will return at the next meeting.

6. Committee heads - appointed by the executive with the right to one vote each.


Article IV: Conditions of Membership

1. No room shall be unrepresented at more than three (3) consecutive meetings without being notified by the Secretary of this absence. At this time two (2) new representatives will be elected to attend all meetings with the right to one vote per classroom, under the same conditions, which applied to original members. If the room does not elect two new representatives, the room will be removed from the official roll and will no longer have a right to vote, pending notification of the Council and Secretary re the election of new reps, at which time their vote will be reinstated.

2. An active member, the Head of a committee or an Executive member, may be impeached for failure to fulfill his/her responsibilities as defined in ARTICLE VIII, for failure to participate in the work of the Council or for the absence of two meetings in a row with a maximum of four meetings per semester, by a four-fifths majority vote of the entire member Council, and the approval of the Principal. A replacement shall me elected by the room now unrepresented in the case of active members, in the case of a Committee Head the Executive will elect a new representative, or in the case of an Executive member a school election will follow.

3. In the case of the absence of one or both room reps on the day of the meeting, substitute members may be the representatives of that room. If an elected member arrives, he/she shall automatically take the role of the room at the meeting.

4. Candidates running for the election of President of the Students' Council must be in Grade XII during the term of office and have at least an 80% average as of January. Candidates running for the election of Treasurer must have at least an 80% average as of January. Candidates running for the election of Vice President, Secretary, Grade 10 Vice President or Grade 11 Vice President must have at least a 75% average as of January.

5. The term of office shall consist of one school year.


Article V: Duties of Active Members (Chamber Representatives)

1. To be present at all Council meetings

2. To present a report of Council proceedings to their respective grade board as soon as possible after each meeting.

3. To represent their respective grade

4. To support and promote all scholastic and interscholastic activities with active support in all Council activities.


Article VI: Duties of Executive Officers


1. To preside at meetings of the Council;

2. To endorse all council rulings with the aid of the Executive;

3. To vote on the Council only in the event of a tie;

4. To call meeting when necessary;

5. To call for appointments of any special committees to act within the Council;

6. To be ex-officio member of all committees appointed by Council

7. To represent the Council wherever representation is needed, or on advice of special committees.

8. To chair assemblies

9. To discuss results of weekly meetings with the Principal

10. To provide a tentative schedule for the year to the Principal and advisors

11. To provide a typed agenda at the beginning of each month to the Principal and advisors.



1. To be ready at all times to succeed the President in case of either temporary or permanent absences. In the case of the succession of the Vice President to the President's position on a permanent basis, the Council and the Principal shall choose a new Vice President.

2. To be permanent chair of the standing committee on the Constitution;

3. To perform any duties designated to him/her by the President

4. To be ex-officio member of all committees appointed by the Council;

5. To support all school activities;

6. To ensure the familiarity of the faculty with Council procedures, elections, and the Constitution;

7. To ensure no grade is unrepresented at council meetings.



1. To keep accurate records of all Council meetings, attendance of all Council members and all standing committee reports, and to keep a copy of the year's budgets and Constitution;

2. To handle all council correspondence;

3. To inform the council after three absences of any room representative (ref Art. IV 1, 3) ;

4. To support all school activities;

5. To ensure no room is unrepresented at Council meetings;

6. To keep accurate of Executive meetings (not to be placed in the Minutes book but to be at the disposal of the Executive if needed).



1. To keep a clear accurate record of the financial condition ready for inspection, with the aid of the Faculty Advisor(s) and the Financial Advisor(s);

2. To give a monthly written report of the financial status of the Council funds by the tenth day of the following month;

3. To authorize all Council expenditures;

4. To support all school activities;

5. To give a weekly report of the financial status of the Council to that day.

The Council Executive shall encourage, with the aid of the Principal and the Faculty Advisor(s), candidates to run for Executive positions in the coming year. 


Article VII: The Powers of the Council

1. To decide questions pertaining to the general student activities of the School;

2. To appoint committees to carry out decisions made by the Council;

3. To investigate and to report on questions referred to it by the Principal for decision or advice;

4. To be the body to authorize the activities of the various School organizations under its jurisdiction.


Article VIII: Powers of the Principal Over the Council

1. The Principal shall be the final authority on all matters brought before the Council

2. The Principal has power to decide all questions not provided for in this Constitution.


Article IX: Election of Council and Room Representatives


1. Election procedure shall be decided each year by the current Executive, Faculty Advisor(s), Principal, in accordance with provisions of Articles III. 4, IV. 1, VI.5.

2. A special committee of faculty members shall be appointed to organize the election and be responsible for counting the ballots. From the time the election candidates have applied for their positions, no persons other than this appointed committee may be involved in the election process.

3. The counting of the ballots shall take place immediately after the polls have closed, and at no time shall anyone other than the appointed election committee have access to the ballots or the ballot boxes.



1. There shall be ten elected representatives from each grade.

2. These shall be elected by each grade, upon nomination, prior to the third week of school in September.

3. Unelected nominees will serve as substitutes to Representatives in times of temporary or permanent absence.

4. There shall be no campaign run during this election. Any campaign material will be immediately taken down and will lead to the expulsion of the offending candidate from the race.


Article X: Meetings

1. The Executive and/or Faculty Advisor (s) shall call all regular and special meetings. The Secretary shall post the place and date in a conspicuous place.

2. Regular weekly meetings will be held and the President shall call any special meetings.

3. A quorum shall consist of two thirds of the voting members and shall be established at the beginning of each year.


Article XI: Finances

1. No money may be spent or bills incurred by any organization having submitted its budget to the Council, without proper written authorization by the Council.

2. All bills over $50.00 incurred by any committee may be paid only by the Treasurer and on the authorization of the Council.

3. All sports budgets must have the signature of the Faculty Advisor(s) or Coach for that organization before being presented to the COUNCIL, and must be presented to the Executive by that Faculty Advisor(s).

4. When credit has been established in favour of any organization, purchase orders, not to exceed the total credit given, must have the consent of the Executive.

5. No organization, having submitted its budget to the Council, may exceed its budget within further authorization by the Council.

6. The Executive may authorize the payment of money or the incurring of expenses up to $200.00, which must be ratified at the next Council meeting.

7. The Treasurer is required to make a monthly financial statement and must give an audited semi annual report (ref Art VI. 4b)

8. The Treasurer shall pay all bills exceeding $1.00 by cheque, which is to be signed by the Faculty Advisor(s), Treasurer, or the President.

9. The Faculty Advisor (s), Treasurer, or the President must authorize money spent on bills incurred before the Council convenes in the fall.

10. The School Board shall audit all financial transactions carried on by the Treasurer.

11. All organizations submitting budgets to the Council are required to keep a record of receipts and disbursements, and are to give a financial report at the end of the year. The Treasurer of the Council may give this report.

12. All sports organizations shall present a combined budget ( a girl's and a boys') at the beginning of the school year, which shall include as accurate an estimate as possible of the maximum expenditures to be incurred during the year.

13. No expenditures not covered in the budget may be incurred without Council's approval.

14. When inadequate funds are available, the budget may be passed "with reservation"- i.e., the organizations concerned must reduce expenditures in proportion to the funds available.


Article XII: Amendments

1. This Constitution may be amended at a regular meeting by a two-thirds majority of the entire voting Council.

2. Amendments must be presented a week prior to the day of final vote.